Poster series

Sean Adams
Chris Hacker
Samantha Fleming
Nik Hafermaas

Crisis is a greek word that describes a critical situation and the process of evaluating. Critique, criticise, critic, and critical, all derive from the same root. This project explores the concept and essence of the word crisis. The objective is to provide a deeper understanding of what it means, and shift how we relate to such situations. Instead of a state of complete darkness and despair, a crisis is a crossroads through which history and its lessons can be learned.

Crises are forced unto people, or societies, or nature, when an established pattern no longer works. They force us into changes that we feel unready for. They exist within a time frame, which is what distinguishes crisis from chaos. I identified crisis as a phase with three stages: a beginning (the calm before the storm), a middle (the explosion and despair), and an end (the light at the end of the tunnel).

I designed a large poster (5x8 ft) to represent each of these three stages. The posters were cut  and folded, since the project was designed to stand both in the from of a triptych poster-series and a 156-page, unbound book. The project was presented in its book form, it was, however, in its own crisis, as half of it hung from the shelf onto the floor, forming an unfolded mess. As any regular book, it was meant invite viewers to physically interact with it. It can be folded and unfolded in various ways to create different compositions. With this, I meant to show how a crisis may have several perspectives and that one has to acknowledge it, engage with it and accept it as a temporary situation that will bring about the new and unfamiliar.