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Curation & art direction
Lavinia Lascaris
Simon Johnston

Design assistance
Sidney Rhee
Zeke Wattles

Catalog Design
Lavinia Lascaris

Technical support
Sonja Bodi Bujisic
Diego Buller
Ivan Cruz
Joshue Molina
Roberto Rodriguez
Jorge Ruano
Jermiah Snider


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Following the tradition of Bodoni’s expansive landscape of type design, MIKE/SIERRA/TANGO highlights the value of typography in preserving diverse writing systems in a globally connected world. Scripts are living cultural artifacts, each with its own technical, formal, and historical conventions. This exhibition features a collection of contemporary multiscript typefaces produced by type foundries from around the world. Projects on display illustrate how type families can maintain their characteristics across multiple scripts while addressing the growing need for multilingual type design due to globalization and new information technologies.

Type families
IBM Plex, IBM Design
Source Han Sans, Adobe Originals
Makeda, Liron Lavi Turkenich
Joengche 530, Sandoll Inc.
Aktiv Grotesk, Dalton Maag
Adelle, TypeTogether
Kigelia, Jamra Patel
Dubai, Monotype
Kazimir, Type.Today
Pragmata Pro, Fabrizio Schiavi Design
Nour & Patria, The Microfoundry
Clarimo UD/UD Shin Go, Morisawa Inc.
Other Projects
Decodeunicode: Basic Multilingual Plane Map
Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen
Decodeunicode, The Movie
Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen
Typographic Matchmaking in the City
Jan de Bruin Productions, Khatt Foundation
How Morisawa Font Products Are Created
Morisawa Inc.

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