Selected projects

︎︎︎ Quasi
︎︎︎ Do you have a platypus?
︎︎︎ Thumbs up to the thugs
︎︎︎ Polski Projekt
︎︎︎ Redact, Rewrite, Reframe
︎︎︎ Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografía
︎︎︎ Captcha this
︎︎︎ Baby ink twice
︎︎︎ Mike/Sierra/Tango
︎︎︎ Plan B: Spirit of the Bauhaus
︎︎︎ Idiot (grad thesis)
︎︎︎ Nice (fellowship)

Graphic designer from Greece, based in Los Angeles, specializing in spatial and publication design, currently the exhibition and graphic designer at Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography (HMCT), ArtCenter College of Design.

Typographics 2023
Letrastica 2022
Command Z Podcast
ArtCenter, Lecture series (spring 22)
Book Club of California

PPN Book Show 2023: Best in Show: Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografía
IDA Design Awards 2022: Baby Ink Twice
Commarts 2020: Mike/Sierra/Tango
TDC Communication Design 2020: Plan B
TDC Communication Design 2020: Idiot
GDUSA Graphic Design 2019: Plan B
HMCT Typography Fellowship 2018

The Daily Heller (10/13/23)
The Daily Heller (09/29/23)
The Daily Heller (01/18/23)
Shoutout LA
Voyage LA
Eye on Design (17/01/20)
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Graphic design, Exhibition design, Research

Polski Projekt: Polish Posters and Typefaces
HMCT Gallery, 2022

Celebrating Poland’s rich heritage of graphic communication, Polski Projekt brings together work from two practices: poster and type design. This exhibition represents the history of both fields, emerging from a society with strong sociopolitical disruptions, a cultural dependence on national traditions, and a slow pace of economic and commercial growth.

Exhibition design and curation: Lavinia Lascaris
Creative consultant: Simon Johnston
Design assistance: Ximena Amaya
Exhibition preparator: Joshue Molina
Special thanks: The Shop at South Campus, ArtCenter College of Design