nice (typography fellowship)
hoffmitz milken center for typography, 2018

exhibition design
catalog design

nice is the result of the typography residency program offered annually by the hoffmitz milken center for typography. as that year’s appointed typography fellow, i worked closely with typographer-in-residence, lucienne roberts, on the research, development, and curation of the exhibition and the design of the catalog.

slogans in nice typefaces won’t save the human races. this provocation served as the starting point for nice. the poster appeared on uk city streets in late 2017 via flyingleaps. it was created by british artist and graphic designer oddly head. the bold graphic slogan was a response to what he calls ‘an epoch of demagoguery and debacle’ and was popular across social media.

relevant to the uk and usa, if not the whole world, the message of this poster is apocalyptic—the human race needs to be rescued. furthermore, it warns of the dangers when meaning and aesthetics become disassociated and designers design primarily for themselves.

the exhibition was the outcome of deconstructing the poster and identifying the power of slogans, the definition of a “nice typeface,” the influence of texts in relationship to typography, and the threats from which the human race needs to be saved. in essence, nice is an exploration of the ways that slogans (or texts) in nice typefaces might save the human races after all.

press: print magazine / creative review / eye on design

below are photographs from our studio space at hmct that display thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and conceptual development. it also includes some documentation from the production process of the exhibition.