︎︎︎research ︎︎︎educational program ︎︎︎identity design ︎︎︎installation (WIP)

A multi-platform program that studies the linguistic trends born within digital communication platforms, the transformative effects of emergent technologies on our use of languages, and what these occurrences reveal about the future of communication.

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︎︎︎research ︎︎︎trasmedia ︎︎︎book design

TDC Communication Design Winner 2020

A study on contemporary privacy and camouflage, Idiot approaches the notion of concealment and protection through ubiquity. I blurred the boundaries of my own identity by creating a plurality of simulated and simultaneous presences, surrendering my privacy in order to reinstate it.

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︎︎︎research ︎︎︎exhibition design ︎︎︎catalog
As the 2018 HMCT Typography Fellow, I worked alongside typographer-in-residence Lucienne Roberts on the research, development, and curation of nice. The exhibition studies the power of slogans, the definition of a “nice typeface,” the influence of texts in relationship to typography, and the threats from which the human race needs to be “saved.”

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